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Exposure and environments where people live have always been the two major factors shaping what people think of cannabis products. Cannabis products have many benefits, but based on past scenes, bills, and experience, people negatively look at them. This is evident in the small number of countries that support its production, marketing, and buying.

Canada is one of the countries that legalized the use of cannabis. Currently, there is a large production of cannabis products in the Canadian market. This is due to the passing of the Cannabis Act on October 17, 2018. Therefore, it is common to see a product such as cannabis oils, edibles, etc., all containing chemical compounds found in cannabis. These products are available for people who want them for recreational and medicinal uses.

In this article, we will delve into the new cannabis products in the Canadian market. However, before we do that, we will discuss cannabis in terms of its components, properties, and uses.

What Is Cannabis?

Cannabis is the name given to three plants known for their psychoactive properties. The plants are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Even though cannabis is a plant and it is natural, it has both positive and negative effects.

The dried flowers of the three plants become a very common drug in the modern world. It has many names, such as weed, pot, or marijuana. However, the name “marijuana” is no longer in vogue due to its racist connections.

Cannabis is a drug popular because of its relaxing and calming effects. Therefore, it is widely available for recreational and medicinal uses. Recreational uses are when people use cannabis to get high. Medicinally they are important in alleviating pain and treating glaucoma.

Components of Cannabis

There are 113 identified chemical compounds present in cannabis. These chemical compounds, also known as cannabinoids, are responsible for the effects of cannabis.

Out of the 113 compounds, experts are sure about Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and Cannabidiol (CBD) properties. Both components work by interacting with the body’s Endocannabinoid System, where they elicit different effects and properties.

This section will quickly show the properties, health benefits, and health benefits of the two components.

Cannabidiol (CBD)

health banefits

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the non-psychoactive component of cannabis. Unlike the other component known for its psychoactive property, CBD does not exert the necessary side effects. They both have nearly the same medical benefit. However, CBD has another advantage. It produces its medical and recreational effects without getting you “high,” a property common to THC.

Health Benefits

Research into the health benefits of cannabidiol is very promising. They show the effectiveness of the chemical compound in treating mental and physical conditions.

It effectively treats mental conditions such as anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, addiction, and Schizophrenia. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is also effective in treating health-related physical conditions such as arthritis and chronic pain.

There is also some evidence that supports that CBD has anti-cancer properties. Therefore, cannabis products containing CBD are ideal for managing the symptoms and side effects of cancer treatment.

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

THC is the second known component popular for its psychoactive properties. This property gives its user the “stone” or “high effect.” It has the same medical benefits as Cannabidiol (CBD), but the psychoactive activity makes it a bad choice for people.

THC is ideal for medical conditions such as pain, muscle spasm, glaucoma, insomnia, etc.

Cannabidiol (CBD) vs. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Even though the two compounds come from the same source, there are some differences. In this subsection, we have the major difference between the two components

  • Psychoactive Property

There is a wrong belief concerning the psychoactive properties of the two components. CBD and THC are psychoactive. However, the difference between the two lies in terms of psychoactive property depends on its intensity. Unlike THC, CBD does not produce the “stone” effect.

The reason for this is in the binding process of the two components to the CB1 (Cannabioniod 1) receptors present in the brain. THC binds strongly to the receptors, which is visible in the high euphoria associated with it. CBD binds weakly or doesn’t bind at all, which is evident in the “low” or “none” psychoactive properties.

  • Chemical Structure

The two cannabinoids have the same chemical structure. They have the same carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms (21C, 30H, and 2O). The chemical structure is similar to body endocannabinoids, which promotes their interactions. Interaction of CBD or THC with the body endocannabinoid system leads to the release or inhibition of neurotransmitters.

However, there is a difference in the arrangement of the atoms that make up CBD and THC. Therefore, there is an alteration in the effect they have on the body.

  • Side Effects

There is a huge tolerance for CBD, even when taken in large doses. Side effects observed with its uses might be due to CBD’s interaction and medication you are using. It can also be because of the presence of THC in the CBD products.

Common side effects of using CBD are appetite change, fatigue, dizziness, and diarrhea.

THC’s major side effects fall on its psychoactive properties. The side effects can be temporary or severe, depending on the dose taken. Temporary side effects include:

  • Increase in heart rate.
  • Coordination problems.
  • Slow reaction times.
  • Memory loss.

There can be severe and long-term side effects if there is the consumption of large doses of THC. This can lead to disorders such as Schizophrenia.

  • Legality

The legality of cannabis products varies in different countries. However, countries such as Canada legalize its use. The use can be recreational or medicinal, and Canada was the second country after the USA to legalize cannabis for both recreational and medicinal purposes. This was after the Canadian Act passed on October 17, 2018.

New Cannabis Products in The Canadian Market

The next and major thing is how to get new cannabis products in the Canadian market. There are many products on the market. Therefore, it is not surprising if you find it overwhelming at first.  Due to legalization in Canada and each chemical compound’s properties, the most accepted Cannabis products majorly contain Cannabidiol (CBD). However, we will deal with both chemical compounds.

This section will discuss the categories where you can find cannabis products. It will also talk about what you should check, what to expect, and how you can get them in the Canadian market.

What Should You Check Before Getting Any Cannabis Products?

Before shopping for any cannabis products, there are some things you must do. In Canada, there are hundreds of cannabis products and brands at the moment. Therefore, you must keep some things in mind while you browse through the catalog.

  • Testing Procedure

It is not ideal for taking the words of cannabis products manufacturers to hook, line, and sinker. What is better is to check if they subjected the cannabis products to test by a third-party. Tests conducted by a third-party will give you better quality assurance. It will provide information such as the dose and the level of THC proposed by the manufacturer.

For example, there are cases of cannabis oils containing lower doses of either THC or CBD in some studies. You can check whether your cannabis product passed through the test by checking for a stamp showing a third-party test sign on the container or visiting the websites and crosschecking.

  • Potency

Check the dosage instruction because one thing brands do poorly is providing this information. It would be best to consider whether the product is a full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. Full-spectrum contains other cannabinoids that lead to the Entourage effect. The entourage effect is a condition in which many cannabinoids exert a greater effect than the effect exerted by one.

Broad-spectrum also contains other cannabinoids, except THC. It also elicits the Entourage Effect.

Isolate is 100% Cannabidiol. Getting the required dose present will allow you to know the amount you have to take at a time.

  • Fraudulent Claims

Generally, no cannabis products must not claim to be able to cure any diseases. However, some manufacturers might say their products can using some inappropriate customer hijacking schemes and fraudulent means. Always steer clear of such manufacturers.

Cannabis  Oils

Cannabis oils are the most used cannabis products in the world market. It is no different in Canada, with the Canadian market boasting of many online and physical stores. It has a wide domain and many forms responsible for how versatile it is and how people chase it.

There are two forms which they take depending on the cannabinoid present. These are THC oil and CBD oil. We already talked about their difference in the previous section, which is important in their uses.

Contrary to popular opinion that both oil types are from cannabis and hemp, we already know no difference between the two terms. Both hemp and cannabis belong to the same species. Hemp is a term used for cannabis plants containing no more than 0.3% THC. THC oil, on the other hand, contains more than 0.3% THC.

Depending on the manufacturer, both oil types come in several forms. The main forms that manufacturers use are Vape pens and Capsules. Each one has a different mechanism of action towards delivering the required effects.


Vape pens are the most common method for people that want to take CBD oil or THC oil. A vape pen is an electronic device that allows people to inhale cannabis oil in the vapor form. It is a common tool among cannabis due to the following reasons

  • Safety: it is safer because there is a reduction in risks associated with other methods such as smoking.
  • It is also more discreet when you compare it to smoking; therefore, you can use it on the go.
  • It gives the highest bioavailability of the active ingredient. Therefore, you do not need more material to get the desired effects.


In other to make it easy to swallow, the manufacturer started taking CBD oil into capsules. The concentration of the CBD ranges from 450mg to 3000mg. It has many advantages:

  • Users do not need to worry about the concentration of CBD oil they will take since the concentration is visible on it.
  • It is ideal for those that do not want to feel the taste of CBD oil.
  • Users can take them anywhere and use them since they do not have any storage restrictions.

Cannabis Skin Care Product


Legalizing cannabis came with many changes, and one of them is the development of the cannabis skincare product.  In other to boost the market, manufacturers began to target a wider audience: women. Before this, women are not the main target of the marketing strategy adopted by these manufacturers. However, due to their huge love for beauty products, they became the targeted audience. Therefore, it is not surprising at the growth of the Cannabis Beauty products industry.

These beauty products function in improving the condition of the skin. In the form of creams, they have anti-inflammatory properties due to the presence of CBD and THC. This property allows them to fight inflammatory conditions such as acne. They are also ideal for muscle spasms and hydration due to their occlusive effects and muscle relaxation.

Even though this product contains both THC and CBD, due to CBD’s health benefits, manufacturers tend to focus more on it. However, you can get anyone in online and physical stores near you.

Cannabis Beverage

When you look at the laws passed by many nations towards curbing or promoting cannabis, it will surprise you that we drink weed now. Cannabis beverages are more for people who use cannabis for recreational use. They are ideal because they can blend into people’s lives. You talk about coffee, sandwich, soda, etc., and easily include beverages.

Cannabis beverage contains either of CBD or THC in controlled dose. The onset time is quick. It is better than cannabis edibles and oils.

Cannabis Edibles

Edibles are the most common cannabis products presently in the Canadian market. They are common because they allow users to enjoy a snack while getting the same benefits as when you use cannabis oils.

They range from chocolates to gummies and dog treats. Here we will discuss Cannabis chocolates, gummies, and dog treats.

Cannabis Chocolates

In the non-cannabis world, chocolate products are very marketable. We can call it a trend, with Nestles and Meiji recording a massive sales increase per year. Therefore, it is not surprising that manufacturers invest much in producing cannabis chocolate in the Canadian market.

When you compare this chocolate to gummy bears, you will notice the presence of a sophisticated marketing campaign. Production of cannabis chocolate is in limited quantity. This is because the majority of these chocs contain THC.

Cannabis Gummies

Cannabis Gummies

The legalization of cannabis opened the eyes of many people in Canada towards edibles. Of the categories of edibles present, gummies are the most popular. Although chocolate proves to be marketable, gummies (especially those containing CBD) are becoming the most consumed cannabis product in Canada.

Therefore, in places certified to sell cannabis products, you will see many gummy bears, worms, etc., all containing CBD or THC. Depending on what you need, you can have either CBD enriched gummies or THC enriched gummies. CBD enriched gummies are the ideal product for people who need a constant CBD release for medical purposes. THC enriched gummies are for people who get it for recreational purposes.

Cannabis Dog Treats

It might seem unreasonable, but it is now common for people to give dogs cookies containing CBD. The cookies must contain CBD and not THC because of the later psychoactive effect. Cannabis Dog Treat are the ideal products for pets suffering from pain and anxiety. There is currently much more research needed, but there is no recorded risk to pets so far. You steer clear of THC.

How to Get Cannabis Products in Canada

There is a popular misconception involving clinics, online stores, physical stores, and dispensaries when thinking of getting cannabis products in Canada. Many people think they can get cannabis products directly from clinics. They thereby treat clinics like online stores, physical stores, and dispensaries. However, this is not true, and this section will do justice to that.

Getting Cannabis Products Depends on the Uses

Getting cannabis products in Canada depends on their uses. This is where most people get it all wrong. When you need a cannabis product because of its medicinal use, you go to a clinic to get the prescription.

There two types of clinics in this regard, and they are normal clinics and cannabinoid clinics. You can go to any. However, it would be best if you went to a cannabinoid clinic. If you find your option limited and visit a regular clinic, they can refer you to a cannabinoid clinic specialized in prescribing cannabis products. In either clinic, the sitting doctor will approve your request and fill a prescription. Therefore, it is now certain that the clinic is not the same thing as the other places where they sell cannabis products.

After getting the prescription, the next thing is to look for legal options to get cannabis products. This also falls in line with those that need to get cannabis products for recreational uses. Recreational intended cannabis products do not need to go through the normal clinical process. There are four ways you can get cannabis products in Canada. They are in two categories, which are legal and illegal.

Legal Ways of Getting Cannabis Products in Canada

Legal ways of getting these products are by using Online stores and physical stores.  The illegal way is by using dispensaries and Online Mail Order Marijuana.

Online Stores

There are many legal online stores operated by the province or private companies in Canada. Here people of legal age can get their cannabis whether for medicinal or recreational use. There is a two-way verification process while buying a cannabis product on such sites. One is that people must provide their date of births before they enter a site for age verification. Also, they will provide a means of identification on delivery.

You can find cannabis products discussed in the above section in online stores in Canada.  From edibles to beverages, vape pens, and skincare products.
According to The Marijuana Consumer, the top online stores in Canada where you can get cannabis products are Green Goddess Supply, I Love Growing Marijuana, Grass City, Dealzer, etc.

Physical Stores

There are also physical stores owned by the province or sometimes privates where you can get this product. Like the online store, there is a need for age verification. However, it is a different process. You have to provide a means of identification before you enter the stores. If you are not of the legal age, you cannot have access to the store.

Illegal Places You can get Cannabis Products

There are other places you can get cannabis products in Canada, but they are illegal. Unlike the above two, there is no legalization by the province.


Dispensaries are illegal stores that are common in many cities in Canada. They might project a front of legality by asking for ID cards or other means of age verification. However, they are still illegal. There is a gray area, though, in which cities such as Vancouver legalized some dispensaries.

Online – MOMs Mail-Order Marijuana

Online MOM is another way many people get cannabis products in Canada. Like others, they also project a front of legality by asking for a scan of ID card or other means of identification. However, they are still illegal and unregistered.

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